Our Vision

Our goal is to provide a safe haven to low-income and in-need pet parents and families in our community. We intend to help relieve the stress and financial burden of veterinary bills by partnering with local veterinary offices in Arizona. Our overarching goal is to help all families and animals who need assistance and eventually expand our services outside of the state and across the United States.

At Rascal’s Foundation, we believe that every person and pet deserves access to affordable and excellent health care services. We are committed to providing top-notch services to those in our area that need it the most.

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About The Founder

At the root of Rascal’s Foundation is unexpected loss. Neil Moore, our founder, and creator is driven by the passing of his best friend Rascal. With a delayed diabetes diagnosis due to improper access to medical care, Rascal was subjected to daily insulin shots before eventually being put down. An eye-opening experience – to say the least – this rattled Neil and his family to the point of action. He knew that, had he had proper access to affordable and good pet medical care, that his loyal and obedient companion could still be around today.

After several weeks of proper grieving, Neil formed Rascal’s Foundation, appropriately named after his late friend. With a staunch dedication to providing free and excellent medical care for animals, we are guaranteeing that no family will have to suffer the unnecessary loss of a pet because they do not have the financial resources or means to cover medical bills or food. Our organization will strive to help families keep peace of mind and enjoy the time they have left with their pets for years to come.


Our Team

Neil Moore Founder | Executive Director

Sandy Parker Director

JD Altizer Director